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International Student

Application and Admission Procedure

 1. Please complete all sections of the Application form, sign and date at each place indicated including at the foot of each page. For Application Form you can obtain the application form from either the EIE agents or download here

EIE International Student Application Form V2.2.pdf

The Refund Policy forms the part of the application and enrolment contract. Please read it carefully in our student prospectus.

2. Return the EIE application form and documents as listed in the application. The 
       documents are listed as follows:

        a)Application fee $200

        b)Certified/Original scan copy of Passport

        c)Certified/Original scan copy of visa (if apply onshore)

        d)Certified/Original scan copies of IELTS results

        e)Certified/Original scan copy of Certificate of Secondary School or year 12         
            or equivalents

        f)Certified/Original scan copy of previous cancelled COE or Letter of Release (if apply 
          onshore and changing provider within 6 months of completion of the primary course)

        g) Copy of current Overseas Student Health Cover card (if currently covered 
            in Australia)

        h) Copies of transcripts from previous VET course studies and completed RPL 
            request form(if applying for Recognition of Prior Learning [RPL])

        Please be aware that the requirements for such evidence are influenced by your 
        country of origin.

3. Return the application and attachments to:

            Level 10, 190 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000 

            Tel: 03 9640 0057

            Email: [email protected]

            Web: www.empire.edu.au

Acceptance Procedure

• If you are successful, you will receive a Letter of Offer stating the course for which you   
  have been accepted, course and other fees to be paid, commencement dates and 
  overseas student health cover information.

• If you decide to accept the offer, you need to sign the Acceptance Form (the last page of 
  the Letter of Offer) and then you need  to make the initial payment of the school fees.

• After we receive your initial payment and the signed acceptance form, a Confirmation of 
  Enrolment will be sent to you.

• The electronic Confirmation of Enrolment is used to obtain a student visa from the 
   Australian Diplomatic Mission in your country or  from the Department of Immigration &Multicultural Affairs in Australia   (DIBP).

• If you are an international student, your agent or yourself should inform EIE student’s flight 
  number and the arrival day.



Delivery will mainly be face to face – 20 hours per week over entire duration of the course.. Empire's trainers use interactive delivery method in a classroom environment. A group of 25 students in each batch gives trainer enough time and space to deliver the content of the course with engagement of students. Empire ensures all trainers are dynamic and engaging to motivate students. Empire encourages trainers to use some of the following delivery methods in their face – to – face mode:

-  Presentation
-  Formative activities during facilitation in classes

Empire ensures that the learning environment to be safe and accessible, and meet the students' needs.

Empire Institute of Education is not offering any distance or online learning for international students. As per Student Visa condition, Student needs to attend 20 hours face – to – face classroom delivery session at EIE Melbourne Campus.


Empire Institute of Education will not recruit any student who is willing to transfer from other provider prior to the student completing six months of his or her principal course of study except where:

-   Other provider ceased to be registered or the course in which the student is enrolled has ceased to be registered

-   The other provider has provided a written letter of release

-   The other provider has had a sanction imposed on its registration by the Australian Government or state or territory government that prevents the student from continuing his or her principal course; or

-   Any government sponsor of the student considers the change to be in the student’s best interest and has provided written support for that change.

 On the basis of the phone interview, EIE will advise the student, if he or she needs to undertake an EAL or EAP program and how many weeks duration.

Additional Notes:

1. In the above evidence list, should any point contradict government policies relating to the issuing of student visas, government policies shall always take precedence over EIE policies.

2. For students applying from overseas, the school reserves the right to conduct a phone interview with the student prior to enrolment to assist EIE in assessing whether the student’s English is adequate for the course. The phone interview will beapproximately 10-15 minutes in duration and will cover a range of topics dealing with every day matters and topics relating to the course the student intends to enrol in.

3. On the basis of the phone interview, EIE will advise the student, if he or she needs to undertake an ESL program and how many weeks duration.

4. In addition to this phone interview, the student may be required to undertake further tests, including a reading and/or writing test, on arrival in Australia. If the student is deemed not to have English skills adequate for the course, the student will be asked to undertake English studies until such time, as the school is satisfied that the student’s English is adequate for the VET course the student has enrolled in.

5. All English Language proficiency tests are assessed by a suitably qualified staff member within the English Language Department.

6. If the Institute assesses that the student requires further ESL tuition prior to entry into a VET program, the student may choose to study at another Institute registered to deliver government approved ESL courses.

International Apply

Applying for entry in our successful courses is easy. Complete the application by following our step-by-step guide. If you encouter any difficulty, just get in touch with us at Empire, and let us help you.

Domestic Apply

Applying for entry in our successful courses is easy. Complete the application by following our step-by-step guide. If you encouter any fifficulties, just get in touch with us at Empire, and let us help you.